What We Offer

Direct Mail

Inspiring Mail specializes in 6″ x 11″ postcards (the big ones!) that will make your business stand out in someone’s mailbox. These postcards are customized to your office, and we use our years of experience to help convey your message in the most effective way possible. All postcards are designed using full color front & back and are printed on glossy card stock.

Once your office approves the final artwork and demographics, we will place your order, and the first drop will be mailed!

Custom Graphics

Since every business is unique, we provide custom graphic options that will best meet your needs. Our graphics department will work alongside you to find the best offers, images, logos, and wording for your market. We can also help with your other graphic design needs, including: the design of brochures, logos, banners, promotional materials, and much more.

Mailing Lists

We provide a targeted list for your desired mailing areas. Zip Codes and carrier routes can be filtered by household income, distance from your business, home ownership levels, your competition, and more. Analyzing all of these factors allows us to select the areas that will have the most impact and generate the best response rates.

Personal Demographics

We offer customized demographics analysis and select postcard mailing lists that are based on your existing client information. Your existing clients allow us to see the areas where you are already successful in generating new business and we match these characteristics to your postcard mailing list. We also consider household income, distance from your business, home ownership levels, and your competition when making our recommendations. Analyzing all of these factors allows us to direct your direct mail funds to the areas where they will have the most impact and takes the guesswork out of the process for you!

Call Tracking

In order to track the success of your direct mail program, we strongly recommend call tracking for all direct mail postcards.  We supply free call tracking numbers for all of our clients.  Call tracking works by assigning a local phone number to your postcard that will transfer to your main office phone number. Call tracking allows us to see how many calls you receive, how many repeat callers there are, and analyze the time of day and month when most calls are received.

Call Auditing

In addition to call tracking, we offer call auditing free of charge for our clients.  The incoming phone calls that are generated from your direct mail campaigns are listened to and analyzed. The information in these calls are split up so no one auditor has someone’s complete information.


You can log in and see all the same reports that we see.  We strive for a transparent and honest representation of your results and give you access to fully comprehensive call statistics.